Saturday, December 26, 2009

This Is It

This Is It is amazing. If you're on vacation and you want to watch something entertaining and truly heart felt...this is it! Michael is a genius, & icon in so many ways. This practice was enduring and really made you think, if Michael at 50 could work so hard, why then do so many entertainers lack energy when they're performing..AMA's this year is just one example? Check that out for yourself if you missed it.

One of my favorite moments
is Criminal and Billie Jean which happens to be one of the last songs he performs. These two segments really showcase him and his loving heart. After watching this I realize what an extraordinary person Mike was and how mankind lost a valuable assest and caring person. And on another note, I advice entertainers & professionals in any field to watch this movie and have wishful hopes to work at his level. I encourage myself and others to step your work ethic up and go after whatever it is that you want in life. Good luck & God bless King Michael and his family. Everybody enjoy this vacay, then its back to work.

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