Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year: Time to get Active

Yes! It's 2010. Every year is a transition from the next and everyear some make resolutions and of those few, half attempt to keep them. Since the New Year's Day has already past there's no pressure, it's just helpful change. I vouche in the past my extra-curriculars including Track & Field, Volleyball, Basketball, Yoga, Dancing, Zumba, and more. However, as time has progressed I'm tempted to do things that are fun and uplifting. Sometimes going to gym isn't fun or uplifting. Instead it's a gym couture fashion show. The equipment is sweaty and it's facilities are packed. Don't get me wrong, I will work out there too but when I want to escape the busy, technological
ambiance of reality I do team sports. My newest endeavor is adult league basketball. They have teams for nearly every sport, from, Hockey to baseball. It's available for nearly every age group too! The best thing is you'll have an opportunity to add another social group to your life and be active! Being active in team athletics will aid anyone on and off the court(field, etc), for it builds character, leadership, communication skills, friends(let's hope) and most of all cardio! So get with it! Get on you computer and find out some adult leagues near you.

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