Monday, December 21, 2009

Top Xmas Gifts on a Budget

This holiday season has posed many with the question of can I afford Xmas. You can but always keep in mind that's not what Xmas is about. Yes it is about celebrating the birth of Jesus but in doing so it is about giving and being with people you care about and showing them that you care. If you have some extra funds here are a few gift ideas that won't put a huge hole in your pocket, but maybe they will...who knows.

1. Steamer. So, many people need to steam their clothes and their priced between $24-$30

2. Running shoes. These can encourage someone you care about to work out. $29-$100

3. MP3 Player

4. eharmony trial for someone who is lonely or hasn't dated in years $19-$29

5. A Great Book. Encourage people to read, please

Just a thought, perhaps one of these ideas will work for your situation.

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