Saturday, January 9, 2010

Throwback Pepsi: Real Sugar...Okay taste

I just finished watching the Dallas Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles playoff game. In case you didn't tune in and have absolutely no access to television, Dallas smashed the Eagles. It was pure frustration displayed on the field from the Eagles receivers. and QB alike but what do you expect when nothing works. And, I completely understand but moving on...while watching the game I had the privilege of enjoying an awesome commercial incorporating the Pepsi and lucky us(Americans), it has real sugar now. I'm sure you sugarfreenatics are absolutely against sugar but I must admit sugar is number one in my book anytime over the other alternatives. I just don't understand these sweeteners but back to the story; after being captivated by the commercial and talking it over with my friend we immediately gave into the advertisement and went to the local market to get some Throwback Pepsi.

Verdict: It taste like old Pepsi, yet slightly light as if it could be called Light Pepsi. My friend would say it has an after taste like diet Pepsi but I disagree. Although, I'm not a soda pop drinker I give Throwback Pepsi two thumbs up!

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