Thursday, January 21, 2010

Book of Eli

If you didn't rush to the theatre to see this movie maybe you should have and you still need to give it a chance. It's a great role for Denzel, who plays the vulnerable Eli, who has a mission to accomplish. It's a breath of fresh air given his typical roles tend yo display tremendous valor.

Mila Kunis play Solaras. She's in search of life and a passion. As the movie progresses you fall in love with her, particularly with her fashion sense. Solaras rocks sickening sunglasses, dark skinny jeans and rugged boots with a casual militant jacket. Inevitably, she has her own runway in the middle of what looks like a highway. Go girl, go!

The ending is meaniful, and makes you want to read. However, the last segment of the film is a tid bit dramatic. Overall, I say watch THIS MOVIE.

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Monday, January 11, 2010

Dress to Impress & Walk With Confidence

Los Angeles is notoriously known for the immense competitive element of the city. Now along with the recession competition has reached a hiatus. Recent graduates, unemployed parents, and the experienced working person are competing for the same positions in many career fields. Any advantage is useful and certainly needed. Fashion can become an avenue to gain the attention of a future employer, or has the ability to enhance your ability to leave a good standing impression with the hiring manger. Three things are key this season to accompany an interviewee. First off, stick to the old school rules and invest in a closed toe pair of heels, preferably black. Not only are heels stylish but for many women it increases their confidence and that's a plus! Next, get a two button-down fierce blazer and if the measurements don't have a desired fit get it tailored. That small investment will result in a custom-fit and a new versatile addition to your clothing repertoire . It can now be utilized for professional use and paired up with causal outfits. Finally, bring back the pencil skirt, or a similar cut, that falls right below the knees. Standout and try different fabrics. Stick to what compliments your body type and it will become evident when you try a skirt on and you can't stop checking yourself out in the changing room mirror. Try to stick to black but some of you can pull off gray or navy blue. Always be comfortable, after all you're interviewing for a future position you don't want to add stress to the nervousness that typically accompanies the occasion. Good luck and stay stylish.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Throwback Pepsi: Real Sugar...Okay taste

I just finished watching the Dallas Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles playoff game. In case you didn't tune in and have absolutely no access to television, Dallas smashed the Eagles. It was pure frustration displayed on the field from the Eagles receivers. and QB alike but what do you expect when nothing works. And, I completely understand but moving on...while watching the game I had the privilege of enjoying an awesome commercial incorporating the Pepsi and lucky us(Americans), it has real sugar now. I'm sure you sugarfreenatics are absolutely against sugar but I must admit sugar is number one in my book anytime over the other alternatives. I just don't understand these sweeteners but back to the story; after being captivated by the commercial and talking it over with my friend we immediately gave into the advertisement and went to the local market to get some Throwback Pepsi.

Verdict: It taste like old Pepsi, yet slightly light as if it could be called Light Pepsi. My friend would say it has an after taste like diet Pepsi but I disagree. Although, I'm not a soda pop drinker I give Throwback Pepsi two thumbs up!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year: Time to get Active

Yes! It's 2010. Every year is a transition from the next and everyear some make resolutions and of those few, half attempt to keep them. Since the New Year's Day has already past there's no pressure, it's just helpful change. I vouche in the past my extra-curriculars including Track & Field, Volleyball, Basketball, Yoga, Dancing, Zumba, and more. However, as time has progressed I'm tempted to do things that are fun and uplifting. Sometimes going to gym isn't fun or uplifting. Instead it's a gym couture fashion show. The equipment is sweaty and it's facilities are packed. Don't get me wrong, I will work out there too but when I want to escape the busy, technological
ambiance of reality I do team sports. My newest endeavor is adult league basketball. They have teams for nearly every sport, from, Hockey to baseball. It's available for nearly every age group too! The best thing is you'll have an opportunity to add another social group to your life and be active! Being active in team athletics will aid anyone on and off the court(field, etc), for it builds character, leadership, communication skills, friends(let's hope) and most of all cardio! So get with it! Get on you computer and find out some adult leagues near you.

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