Friday, June 26, 2009

The Month of Change

Change is inevitable. In fact, everything changes in some way, shape or form. the month of June has been full of ever changing and developing situations for the masses. Yet, if change is nonnegotiable why do so many of us oppose it?

I am no exception to the rule, and change has met with me many times this month. Many of my friends and associates have expeirenced vast alterations in their very structured and secure lives. Many have had to cope with the death of a loved one. It's always a heart breaker to say good bye to a person who brings happiness to you, or an individual who has helped shape your life and your outlook on it but, it is suitably a part of life.

Although, all changes aren't downers, many result in a sense of thought. Reflection is key and a natural process when things gravitate towards unfamiliar territory. It becomes a matter of, where do you go from there? Unfortunately, one can't control most adversity but most can retrieve the benefits when adapting to reconstruction of ones comfort and familiarity. For instance, if you're loved one insist on more time apart, and it catches you off gaurd why waste energy getting mad? Recognize the shift, and allow yourself to adjust, perhaps you're now available time can be well spent with a friend or simply by yourself. The universe has its ways of sending messages, and often one door closes and another will open up.

Many Americans have lost their jobs, taken pay cuts or experienced a lay-off. As a reslut, they have to resume life with substantially less disposable income. Many of the activities, habits and hobbies are put on hold and a lifestyle transoformation is in store. As we become a more environmentally concious society, there is a need for change, becuase we should recycle more, carpool to certain places, trade clothing with friends etc., call our parents, wirte thank you notes, exercise, relax, cook, enjoy others company, write, reflect, travel, sleep and decrease our carbon footprints. In an effort to adjust to our new lives maybe we'll find more time to spend with loved ones, friends and family. The sudden changes could bring us closer to simplier lives and a more focused attempt at living the way we always dreamt. Anything that ensures thought and question is essential for prosperity and bliss. There may possibly come a day when people give gifts, not based on monetary value, but simply from the heart. Since, we are all human without question we will be affected change and that is exactly what makes up special, that we can acclimate.

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