Monday, June 15, 2009

Are You Drinking Hatorade?

Hatorade: a figurative drink that fuels individuals selfish behavior also known as "hater," activity.

An epidemic has occurred where more people now than ever are drinking, "Hatorade." The venues are limitless, at the workplace, at school, on vacations, while at the airport, and in many peoples homes.

When you see someone succeed, does that evoke anger? If your best friend gets a brand new car and hot boyfriend, are you suddenly jealous? Or how about you get a promotion or an award at work, do you feel like your co-workers aren't supportive? Do they give you agitated looks? Many of our friends, associates and acquaintances are hating in high volumes. Others success has become their entertainment and business. Unfortunately, they are unable to genuinely be happy for anyone other than their selves, with out questing and showing sign of envy.

Of course, many feel this description isn't relative to them however, here are a list of signs you've been drinking hatorade.

-A peer is doing well in some area of expertise. "You," go out of your way, not to congratulate them, but to clarify what they are doing and the means to which they obtain their success.

-Your face tightens up when anyone wins something that you didn't.

-You gossip to others about people who are doing better than yourself.

-You spend less than 25% of your social time talking about yourself and your achievements etc.

-You are always concerned with every ones life challenges, obstacles and drama. Therefore, you manifest in their problems and spread their issues like magazines.

Don't be embarrassed if you answered yes to some or all of these symptoms. It simply means, as mother use to tell me, you need to get a life. You're so wrapped up in others you're actually inhibiting your own success and prosperity. Don't be distraught because your neighbor has something you don't. It should be motivation to work harder to obtain the life and things you truly want. The more you show support, the more you'll have that positive reinforcement when you need it. Life is too short and unexpected to spend it hating, instead go out into the world and start congratulating. Focus on your own goals and try to achieve them. Have a plan, and try to stick to it. Finally, build you confidence, most hating is a result of low self-esteem.

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