Tuesday, November 17, 2009

3 Months

Three months means a ton to an array of people. It could be the amount of months one has been sober, the time before you depart to that amazing vacation, or the time since someone has left your life. For me it marks the end or the beginning of a relationship.
The first three months are spent getting to know each other. You try to visualize yourself with your mate. You get used to each others likes and dislikes. The whole time you're trying to impress them, get to know their friends, get a feel for their schedules and most often seeing if the two of you have a future together. Three months marks a point for evaluation and...lets not forget an anniversary(gifts, dinner, and dessert :).

If you're approaching your three month point here are some things to consider looking at closer.

1.Does your mate Show you they care? As in, go out of their way to bring happiness to your life?
2.Do you spend quality time together?
3.Are you invited to events with your mate and their family/friends?
4.Have you and your mate had an argument/disagreement? (if not, that's not healthy)
5.Are you HAPPY? (deal breaker)
6.Is there chemistry? (sexual attraction, butterflies, anxiousness, googly eyes, or plain interest)
7.Do the both of you want a similar future? (i.e. kids, marriage, travel, careers, rich, fashion)
8.Do they bring out positivity or something else in your personality?

Many times we as humans ignore the signs that the relationship is a flop, just like some movies. Why continue to invest in a relationship where their stock is worthless? Take full advantage of three months, as a point where the both of you can be mature adults and either celebrate the occasion or depart on reasonable terms. Most wait until things sprawl out of control and people get hurt. That is painful and unnecessary.
Thank goodness we have a gift it's a small voice in us all called, "Intuition," or common sense. Either way I wish you a Happy Anniversary!