Monday, October 12, 2009


Shall it be reiterated, the American economy is in turmoil and the unemployment rates have increased? Anyone who has graduated in the past year or planning to has a lot of decisions to make. There are no longer visible entry level positions, and any internships available, are mainly for school credit. It's as if the industries are closing their doors to the many qualified young adults. Many college graduates are opting to further their education and seek Master's or other higher degrees, but for those who don't, what should they do?

Its easy to get down on yourself and loathe in self-pity parties. Questions kick in, whether or not your doing something meaningful with your life. Questions that either bring you back on track or bring you down in spirits. However, the more challenging part is to maintain optimism and get on the path you desire. Go after whatever it is you desire whether or not you parents agree with you dreams. As adults we forget how to dream BIG and make those thoughts come true. And, in our everyday lives, we often forget to appreciate the moment we are in. For example, if your working at a job and not a career, you have an okay social life and your young, healthy and have the freedom you may not always have when consumed with your career. I was always told one of the hardest things in life is to maintain that balance with you career, social life (which includes family, friends, and LOVE relationships), and health. Usually, one of them is off balance, but inevitably it keeps us all on our toes.

Believe in yourself, first off. Our economy may be temporary in a recession but we don't have to be. This is the time to ignite that passion for things we enjoy and get to it. Spend more of your free time with family and friends. Partake in Bar B Q's and other savvy events. Prepare dinner and engage in meaningful conversation.

Don't be side-tracked, by misery, discouragement and negativity. When the economy folds, one can wither take advantage, like the wealthier individuals and invest, purchase and sale both real-estate and stock; or open a business and become an entrepreneur. Whatever ideas you've been hovering inside, release them and capitalize off them.

Change shouldn't be, "scary," but challenging and embrace an opportunity to explore careers, education, and yourself. Often we share our ideas with family and friends who manage to shoot them down, not primarily because they don't support us but they aren't risk takers. Naturally, man-kind gets comfortable in their lives and decrease the need to both have adversity and create it.

Why be like everyone else swimming in grief and disbelief. Seize a time to walk your own path, try something else, go after a goal that you believe in. Some people may not have jobs but many are still employed. There is a career out there for you too!

My advice is to start a club or support group, get involved in your community. Do volunteer work to keep your mind stimulated. Who knows a position may open up in the non-profit sector or it can serve as a experience on your resume. Keep a journal during the period of transition; it could be utilized as a tool for others in the future or a reminder for yourself when this moment, in your life, has passed.